Texture Artist


WhiteMoon Dreams is currently seeking the skills of a highly skilled texture artist to come work on our next exciting project.


Responsibilities and Skills


  • Create textures for real-time use, including Diffuse, Normal, Height, AO, Specular, and more.

  • Ability to maintain visual consistency with the vision of the project.

  • Collaborate with various team members including the Art Director, Environment Artists, Tech Artists, UI Artists etc. to maintain visual quality and to enhance the overall style.

  • Strong understanding of, and ability with, UV mapping textures to polygonal surfaces.

  • Strong traditional drawing/painting skills.

  • Proficiency in texturing surface details and effects on a wide variety of subject matter.

  • Ability to paint highly detailed 3D and 2D images.

  • Ability to adapt quickly to new tools and game engines.

  • Ability to hand paint textures to a high quality.


Personality Requirements


  • Ability to quickly adapt to production needs.

  • Composure to accept constructive feedback, and also offer constructive input when appropriate.

  • Drive and Passion to creatively problem solve.

  • Self-managed sense of time and tracking related tasks.

  • Strong self-inspiration.




  • Ability to projection map Low poly to High poly surfaces.

  • An understanding of vertex painting for lighting & shadows.

  • Willingness to take on additional support roles in related fields.

  • Experience with Material and Material Network creation in at least one real-time engine (Unreal Engine 3, Unreal Engine 4, CryEngine, etc.).

  • Work with the graphics programmers to support the development of new shaders and looks.



***This is an On-Site position***

If after reading this you find that you meet the qualifications and that this place sounds like somewhere you could work your artistic vibes for the greater good, send your resume and portfolio website address to ArtIsFun@whitemoondreams.com. Please write position applying for in the subject line.