Senior UI Artist


WhiteMoon Dreams is looking for a talented Senior UI/UX artist who is highly skilled in creating AAA quality UI art. You will work closely with a team of talented individuals to work within the current style and to help push the UI elements into the final stages. You will also help drive and manage the UI team in order to create the overall UI/UX vision. You will need to possess very strong artistic skills and have a good eye for detail and composition.


Responsibilities and Skills


  • Create UI art for Menu and In-Game UI that maintains visual consistency throughout the player’s experience. This includes, but is not limited to, menus, icons, buttons, and background art.

  • Analyze and build upon visual themes to ensure a player’s intuitive interaction with the UI.

  • Work with the Art Lead on priorities in the schedule and deliveries based on development goals.

  • Work constructively with Engineers to ensure technical functionality of the UI.

  • Work with the Art Lead to prioritize your schedule and deliver assets that support the development goals of each milestone.





  • 4+ years as a User Interface Artist with a strong portfolio and at least one shipped AAA title

  • Excellent graphic design skills

  • Ability to help manage the UI/UX Process

  • Create 2D graphic elements for icons / buttons as well as concepts for UI elements

  • Ability to create static and animated UI art and implement them into the Unreal Game Engine

  • Strong understanding of composition and color theory

  • Knowledge with a 3D application to create UI assets

  • Must have experience in the Unreal game engine and a basic understanding of the Unreal shader network




  • Experience with UI development in virtual reality settings.


***This is an On-Site position***

If after reading this you find that you meet the qualifications and that this place sounds like somewhere you could work your artistic vibes for the greater good, send your resume and portfolio website address to Please write position applying for in the subject line.