Character Artist


The Character Artist provides a pivotal element to the visual experience of a game through character and character prop creation. We seek humble yet, passionate and driven professionals to answer the call. For this, you will need to be aesthetically and technically proficient. While we have existing processes for achieving art in video games, we welcome those who wish to contribute their knowledge to the collective.




  • Create personality-infused characters from concept art and other mediums.

  • Troubleshoot technical and artistic issues that may arise.

  • Maintain a consistent level of quality while meeting specified budgets.




  • Strong understanding of anatomical structure and dynamic posing.

  • Basic understanding of compositional concepts like silhouettes, negative space, shape language.

  • Proficiency in high-res and low-res modeling with 3DS Max or Maya. Preferably Maya.

  • Proficiency in sculpting with ZBrush or Mudbox. Additional understanding of either’s tools.

  • Strong ability to texture. This includes how to represent physical materials accurately while considering proper visual fidelity at various camera distances.

  • Proper UVing ability in maximizing texel density to prioritize areas of high and low visual impact.

  • Ability to model and texture both organic and hard surface materials.

  • Proper written, verbal communication skills, and ability to function in a team-oriented environment.

  • 4+ years in the game industry, or ability to show proficiency in above requirements.

  • Passion for storytelling through delivering believable characters to an audience.

  • Passion for games!




  • Strong 2D and/or traditional sculpting background.

  • Able to continue the design process during modeling to achieve the most ideal character.

  • Basic understanding of testing a character model on existing skeletons and animations in Maya.

  • Experience in Unreal 4 and/or Unity.

  • Shipped 2 or more titles.

  • Handles constructive feedback well and is able to offer constructive input in a proper manner.

  • Continuous learner who isn’t afraid to ask questions and integrate with a team.



***This is an On-Site position***

If after reading this you find that you meet the qualifications and that this place sounds like somewhere you could work your artistic vibes for the greater good, send your resume and portfolio website address to Please write position applying for in the subject line.